Piazza Salvatore Lo Bianco, Naples

Type: Stanza privata (15 ㎡) nel Appartamenti
Prezzo €380
A disposizione 24-05-2023
indirizzo Piazza Salvatore Lo Bianco
proprietà della casa/td> 60 m²
Codice Postale 80143
città Naples

This is a sunny bedroom with balcony in an apartment of around 77 m2. The bedroom is around 15 m2. The property owner is a man born in 1951. Antonio is a very open-minded and modern person, his son deals with all formalities (contract and payments). We want to rent out only 1 bedroom. We want a maximum of 2 people in the apartment (2 people including Mr. Antonio, so, 1 more person). The staircase is the letter C. Description of the bedroom: The bedroom advertised is fully furnished. The bedroom is fully furnished with a wardrobe, sockets, adapters for plugs, rug, curtains, window for...

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Piazza Salvatore Lo Bianco